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Related post: Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2006 free pre-teen sites 17:54:55 EDT From: NPhillydoggaol.com Subject: Reunited with Dad-1(Note to readers; this is the sequel to "dad's drinking buddies" from apr-2005)REUNION WITH DAD-1 Danny It was early evening when I arrived back in my home town of Springdale. The town, the scenery, all looked the same. gay pre-teen pics It'd nude pre-teen family been nearly 10 years since I been home. Ever since my dad married that woman he shacked pre-teen nude girls galleries up with after I first left pre-teen nude butts for college. She and I never got along. She didn't like me pre-teen suckers coming "home" from breaks and holidays, and insisted to my father that I get a full time job during the summer months to help pay for nude pre-teen pix school and tuition, which was just a ploy to keep me away from my dad. Dad was caught in the middle. Here I knew he loved me without a doubt, yet he was trying to keep his new bride happy. I was going to college out of state, so asian pre-teen fuck guess who got the short end of the stick. Pissed that dad didn't fight for me, I declared them both the enemy, and had nothing to do with them pre-teen little girls model ever since. Now I hear (though other family members) that their marriage is in the toilet, that she's left dad high and dry (just as my mom had years before when I was still a kid). I figure enough is enough, and decide to take some time off work and drive back to my home-town to see pre-teensex pictures if I could get pre-teen porn 14-16 re-acquainted with dad. But I'd a stiff drink first to do so. I drive down a very familiar street, and notice an old bar with a tattered sign named "Rosco's" out front. That was my dad's favorite hang out when I was a teen. I pulled into a small parking lot, and entered the bar for the first time in years. It was still heavily reminiscent of what I remembered, with a few new pre-teen free nude pictures variations. Someone I didn't know was working bartender duty (not the Rosco I remembered). There wasn't a lot of patrons in the place, but the dark atmosphere made for a good hide-out."What can I get you?" asked the bartender, a tall stocky man that looked to be all about business."A beer." I said, settling onto my stool. "Is Rosco still around?" I asked out of curiosity after he'd brought me pre-teen girls diaper pics back the beer."No. I own this place now. Bought it from old man Rosco about pre-teen models video 5 years back, just never got around to disney pre-teens porn changing the name." he answered, looking me over. "You knew him?""Yeah. He was an ole friend of the family." I said, satisfying the bartender's curiosity as he pre-teen girls fucking made was back non nude pre-teens pics to the conversation he amateur pre-teen was having pre-teen amateurs with the guy seated 3 seats down from me."I ask you, what's the world coming to?" says the man, picking up where he left off before I arrived. "You got the blacks crying cause they ain't got that "Affirmative Action" bill on their side any more...chicks wanna take the men place at work...and now the fags'r screaming equal rights and wanting to get married! Now I ask you Jon, what kind of naked pre-teen girl crazy shit is that?""I don't know, Bill. The world is constantly changing." laughed the bartender."But seriously Jon, what has the gays contributed to society? What gives them the right to come out of the closet and demand EQUAL RIGHTS for anything? I mean, MEN have fought for this country! Died for this country, for freedom! We're the picture pre-teen fore-front of the nation! I don't see no use, no good use at all in having fags in our country!" I couldn't top tgp pre-teen pussy help but over hear. The man was obviously in naked pre-teen latino girls desperate need of educating. Before the bartender could respond, I found myself opting my own opinion."Well, I've found gay guys to be very useful in one area..." I said, taking a sip from my beer bottle for suspense. The man and the bartender both looked in my direction."What area is that?" asked pre-teenz tgp the man with a smirk. "Interior decorating?""Cocksucking." I answered. The man's jaw dropped."You've let gay guys suck your cock?" he fucking pre-teen boys asked in disbelief."Sure." I said, matter of fact like. "In college pre-teens russian nake pictures there was always some hot cocksucker free pre-teen incest looking to cop a load. Why walk around with a heavy dick if you don't have to?""That's disgusting!" announced the man, whom looked to be about 40ish with a balding chrome. 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"You telling me that some queer pimple faced fag could give better head than a girl?""Than the average girl." I added. The bartender hunched pre-teen erotic pictures his shoulders in neutral position."And I take it you've had head from chicks too?" he asked, looking at me."Definitely." I said."And what makes the gay guys better?" he asked, inquisitively."For one thing, they love what they do more than girls do. They seem more appreciative when you let them suck you. They not on their knees because they want erotic pre-teen stories a wedding ring, or for you to buy them dinner. They're there because they love cock.""Okay..." said the man. "...I'll buy sexy pre-teen porn that. What else?""They love to swallow. Most girls act like eating cum is revolting, but most gay guys love it." pre-teen-lo-li-ta I said, taking another swig."That it?" asked the man, eagerly."And I find the best deep-throatier, to be male." I finished."Deep-throatier? That shit ain't real! You full of shit, man!" said Bill with a flag of his hand. "That's free thumbs pre-teen a trick of the camera in porno pre-teen black sex pics movies! I ain't never met nudes photos pre-teens a woman that could swallow my entire cock a day in my life! How bout you, Jon?""Nope. Can't say I have." agreed the bartender, drying out empty glasses with a rag."You almost had me going with all that tiny non-nude girls pre-teen 'fags give better head' shit kid, til you started talking about deep-throating! That's a fucking myth!" chuckled Bill as he dismissed my testimony."It's no myth." I said, swallowing hard. "I can prove it.""Prove what?" asked Bill."That fags give better head, AND can deep-throat." I wagered."And how you gonna nude japanese pre-teens prove that, kid? You got a faggot in your nude pics of pre-teen pocket, or something?" joked Bill."You're looking at one." I announced, clearly. Both Bill and Jon images of nudist pre-teens froze, staring at sex pre-teen me in silence for several seconds."You a fag?" asked Bill."Yup." I admitted."And I suppose you give good head too? I mean, that's what you've been arguing about for the past 10 minutes. Right?""Yup." Both men looked pre-teen anal sex at each other in amusement."What do you make of this, Jon?" asked Bill, grinning widely."Sounds like the kid's got something to prove to you." smiled the bartender."Think I should pre-teen art models pictures take him up on it?""Only one way to tell if what he says is true." offered Jon. Bill downed his whiskey in one shot, then got up off his stool."You better be as good as you claim kid, or I'm gonna put my foot in you cocksucking mouth! Understand?" threatened Bill, manly."Yes, sir." free black pre-teen porno I said, following his lead."Mind if we use your men's room for a moment, Jon?" he asked politely."Not at all." smiled the bartender. "Just don't make a mess.""Well according to the cock sucker, there won't be no mess cuz he swallows!" laughed Bill as he lead the way into the John. No sooner were we in there was he unfastening his pants. He pulled his limp cock out of his zipper. It fell dead pre-teen nudists sites before him a fat deflated balloon."Here you go dick-breath, -get to work." he ordered. I got on my knees pre-teen oralsex and lifted his flaccid penis to my mouth, and began to suckle the pale head. At first nothing happened, and I feared the man would not even get a hardon if he so bent against gays. But then I began to pull on his cock with my lips, stretching the soft petite pre-teen pictures flesh and licking the underside with my tongue, -slowly it began to fatten in my mouth. Bill didn't say anything. No words of encouragement, no insults, he merely stood there in the middle of the men's room with his cock out while I sucked and lapped at his soft but rising flesh. Once his cock started to lengthen, pre-teen torrent I knew I had something to work with. I continued to suckle the head as it filled my mouth completely. But as the shaft came into pre-teens girls galeries view I abandoned the head and began to lick my way along the sides, wetting it with my tongue as I forbidden pre-teen videos checked out it's length. He was about a good 8 and 1/2 inches. No wonder woman were having trouble throating it, the average person can only take about 4 to 5 inches before the gag reflex kick in. Only an experienced cock sucker can take a cock fully without causing damage. Bill watched while I painted his cock with saliva, licking the sides, the underbelly, and nestling my face in his crotch to get at his secured nut sack. By now his cock was standing at full attention (despite me being a guy). I licked my way back up to the head from the bottom and began lapping at the juicy head, getting my first moan from the man. He had ls pre-teen models a slight fore-skin (but nothing too serious) which I licked and pulled at with my lips as I lapped sex pre-teens nude at his piss-slit, hoping for some taste of his nectar. I looked up into his face. He was watching me carefully. Our eyes met and I suddenly tasted the first dew of his pre-cum. I took Bill's cock head into my mouth and free pre-teen jpg swirled it around with my tongue to beautiful young pre-teen models gather up all illegal pre-teen sex ******** the delicious flavor before asian pre-teen xxx sliding my lips down pre-teens europe nude on the shaft. His cock jumped as I took him inside. Clearly he was excited by what I'd done so far. I stretched my lips to take half of his cock inside, then slowly slid them back up to the plump head. More pre-cum excreted from pre-teen-pics the tip which I quickly devoured, my eyes crossing at note the wet line mid-way down his shaft where my mouth had been. I followed that with another mid-dick suck, taking only half of his rod and bobbing my head back and forth. I released his cock from free pre-teen abuse pic my mouth and licked all along the sensitive underbelly just to tease him. Bill's cock jumped as I took it into my mouth once again and began to suck it harder. I lathered pre-teen boys in underwear half of his cock rather well with my saliva before he gripped the back of my head and pulled himself completely free from my mouth."Enough of this shit!" he yelled pre-teen thong girls with a serious expression. "You claimed to DEEP THROAT! I want DEEP THROAT!" he grunted, releasing my hair. I looked up at his angry face, and knew it was time I delivered the goods. His cock was bobbing before me, soaked with the japanese pre-teens pics juices from my own mouth. I took the head between my lips, giving it a few more gentle sucks before the finale. Then I quickly shoved my head forth, taking his cock into the back of my mouth. teen pre-teen nudes The head hit the start of my throat (to which causes the gag flex) then plunged deep into my gullet."Holy shit!" yelled Bill as I buried my head into his crotch and wallowed my nose in his pubes. "You...you took the whole thing!" he said in amazement. Chalk up another "straight" guy! -I thought. I felt his cock shaft throb in my throat as my tongue slithered along the belly. Slowly I slid free pre-teen porno my lips back up the shaft pre-teen webcam to the head, but pre-teen boy naked Bill had other plans. He took my head in his hands and shoved me back down on his juicy rod -fully. His fat 8+ inches penetrated my mouth and lodged itself in my throat as he ground his hips into my face."Take that cock! YEAH! Take it! Damn you're good!" he groaned with excitement. Just then the men's room door creek open, and in came Jon the bartender."How's it going?" he asked, letting the door close behind him. "The kid any good?""See for yourself!" said Bill, relaxing his hold on my head. I slid my lips back up the shaft to the crown of his cock. Jon leaned in from behind me. I could young pre-teen russian cunts see his shadow as I easily took Bill back into my throat."Damn! The kid wasn't lying!" he said, watching pre-teens sexi pics me take it all. I ground my face in Bill's crotch again, smelling the sweet sweat of his pubic hairs before sliding my way back up the shaft. His cock was now slick with a thick blog pre-teen sexy coating of my saliva. More pre-juice tantalized my taste buds as I suckled the head like a Tootsie-Pop. It swelled pre-teens naked in my mouth every time I suctioned."Finish me, kid." ordered Bill, his cock close to topless pre-teen cumming. I knew all good things must come to an end. Most "straight" didn't want to be caught getting the dicks sucked in mens restrooms by cock suckers, so I took him all the way back down into my throat before anyone else could walk in. "Oooo..." he moaned as I hit bottom. His cock throbbed several times before I began my journey back up. The shaft was so hard and slick. His cock throbbed almost uncontrollably now as I made pre-teens fucked my way to the tip, then dove back down on again. "UHH..." I did this several times, taking his cock from tip to base in long quick swallows, bobbing my head faster. Bill's hand grabbed the top of my head for leverage as his cock suddenly started to pulse, then erupting mass after thick heavy mass of hot clotted cum into my mouth."AAAARRRRRRHHHHOOOOLLLLYYYYYSSSHHHHIIIITTTTTT...THIS BOY CAN SUCK COCK!" he screamed in one long thunderous bellow. I collected his spurting seed on my tongue, russian pre-teen rape and swallowed each batch as it came fresh from the pipe. Bill's body shook and pre-teen virgin girls shimmied as if he were about to collapse from electric shock, pre-teen underage illegal but he stood fast until his pre-teen naturist photos climax was complete. He removed his cock just as I was licking up the last of his semen from my lips."I guess you guys'r good for pre-teen female erotic something, after all." he said, as he backed away to catch his breath. I watched him tuck my last meal into his pants and zip up. Then remembered Jon was still standing behind me."Would you mind one more?" he asked, holding his own hardon in his hand. Still on my knees, I turned my head and came in direct contact with Jon's cock before I even saw him. It was hard and stiff, standing 8 inches from his crotch, the head already beading a tasty morsel of pre-baby juice at the tip just from watching my display. I quickly turned on my knees to face him, and swallowed his thick upward curved cock in one gulp."AAHHH...DAMN!" he groaned as I buried my lips in his zipper."The boy can suck some cock, can't he?" asked Bill, getting himself a better view. "Must've lived on his knees down at that damn college of his...!" Jon's cock was slightly fatter than Bill's. I pulled back on my lips, sucking my way up to the head (where all the flavor is) to taste more of his pre-cum. But Jon didn't have time for all the fancy lip and tongue work I gave Bill, he beautiful pre-teen girl models had a bar to run. He took my head in his hands and began to bob my head back and forth as he drove his hips into my face. I simply tilted my head back and held on as he fucked my mouth at the desired pace nn pre-teen pics he wanted, his cock head piercing my throat with each inward stroke."Oh wow, man! I've never had my cock sucked like this before!" he groaned as he fucked my face like pussy. I opened my throat to give him free reign, allowing his hard shaft and sensitive head to bang into extreme underground pre-teen porn the soft interior of my inner throat. free sexy pre-teen pictures His fingers tightened on my scalp, guiding my head faster along his shaft as my tongue pre-teen porn photos worked his cum-tube into a frenzy. Spit was starting to bubble out the corners of my mouth, dribbling down the sides of my chin as I didn't have time to cherry pre-teen swallow as the cock see-sawed in and out of my hungry mouth. I pre-pre-teen sex could hear Jon starting to breath hard. His cock free pre-teen xxx pics was like a steel bar, I feared dental damage if my teeth touched his hard flesh."Oh fuck....here it comes! I'm gonna give it to pre-teen lesbian sites you!" he warned, holding my head even tighter as he picked up an even faster pace. The room echoed with the sound of his balls slapping into my spit wet chin as his cock plunged my open throat in repeated motion. Suddenly he pulled free and started fisting his meat. I opened my mouth and leaned in closely so I wouldn't miss the eruption."Oh shit...! Ohhhhh...!!" he groaned as his pre-teen naturists thumbnails cock started shooting rope after creamy rope of white hot sperm across my mouth, tongue, and cheeks. Jon jacked his cock furiously. pre-teen swimsuit models I lapped at the head to swallow all the white flavor I could get. When he finally started to slow down, I took his cock back into my mouth and deep throated him in one gulp."Oh gosh...!" he gasped as I took the horny pre-teens pics last few spurts directly down my gullet."Hungry bugger, ain't he?" joked Bill from behind. Jon merely groaned as I sucked him free of all his spent juice. His cock was like a fat piece of rubber as his dick started to soften. I continued to suck it even as he tried to tuck it back into his pants."As much as I'd love to stay and feed you another load, I've got to get back to my bar." he said reluctantly. Then he paused at the door and asked; "How long do you plan to be here tonight?""Just passing through..." I said. "...visiting relatives.""Well...the bar closes at 2am. pre-teen model girls pictures If you find yourself still up with nothing to do...I'm here." he said, before disappearing out the door."Good mouth you got there, cocksucker." said Bill, squeezing past me as I got up off my knees. "Still...I wouldn't leave pre-teen black models my WIFE for it though." he commented as he too left the men's room. I went to the mirror to clean myself up, and found two streaks of Jon's uneaten cum lining my cheek. I scoped them into my bbs young pre-teens hand, and ate it from my palm before exiting the mensroom. I found a brand new opened beer bottle waiting for me at the bar. Jon waved as I grabbed the beer, then left. Now that I'd had a drink, pre-teens pics and a couple of loads in me, I was ready to face my father.continued....
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